Thursday June 16, 2022
PETERBOROUGH fell just short of a semi-final spot in the Second Round of the Premiership Pairs at Ipswich.

The Crendon Panthers scored 21 points in the qualifying races at Foxhall - just three less than Belle Vue and the hosts whilst Sheffield romped through to the Grand Final with 29.

It was Ipswich who claimed Round Two in front of their own supporters though, while another second placed finish for Sheffield was enough to leave them joint leaders alongside King’s Lynn.

Despite an improved performance, compared to their home opener last month, the Crendon Panthers were still only able to add two points to their overall total.

And team manager Rob Lyon felt his side’s chances were hampered from the off with a controversial exclusion for Hans Andersen, who was brought down by King’s Lynn’s Richard Lawson in a classic first bend incident.

Said Lyon: “It’s so frustrating because that was clearly an all-four back decision.

“We came in the pits and Richard Lawson is pitted next to us and even he said sorry for hitting Hans.

“With the way this format is, having to use a Rising Star as well, it sets you off on the back foot straight away and it cost us in the end in my opinion because it didn’t give us the opportunity to put some points on the board early doors.”

Attentions turn back to the league on Monday (June 20, 7.30) with Peterborough taking on Ipswich at the East of England Arena.

The Crendon Panthers will head into that one boosted by last Monday’s Super Heat drama against Sheffield which saw them earn their first Premiership points of the season.

SHEFFIELD 29: Tobiasz Musielak 17, Adam Ellis 10, Connor Mountain (RS) 2.
BELLE VUE 24: Brady Kurtz 16, Matej Zagar 8, Tom Brennan (RS) 0.
IPSWICH 24: Jason Doyle 17, Troy Batchelor 7, Danyon Hume (RS) 0.
KING’S LYNN 23; Josh Pickering 15, Richard Lawson 8, Jake Mulford (RS) 0.
PETERBOROUGH 21: Chris Harris 13, Hans Andersen 8, Jordan Jenkins (RS) 0.
WOLVERHAMPTON 14: Sam Masters 14, Ryan Douglas 0, Leon Flint (RS) 0.

SEMI-FINAL: Doyle, Zagar, Batchelor, Kurtz – [Ipswich beat Belle Vue 6-3]
GRAND FINAL:Doyle, Ellis, Batchelor, Musielak - [Ipswich beat Sheffield 6-3]

Ipswich 12, Sheffield 8, Belle Vue 6, King’s Lynn 4, Peterborough 2, Wolverhampton 0.

King’s Lynn 16, Sheffield 16, Ipswich 14, Belle Vue 12, Wolverhampton 4, Peterborough 2.

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