Monday April 01, 2019
PETERBOROUGH owner Keith Chapman reflected on a night of several positives in Monday’s 2019 season-opener.

The Crendon Panthers lost out 42-48 to Belle Vue in the Premiership Supporters’ Cup, but Chapman was delighted with the turnout of fans – and he believes the club will grow stronger.

Track conditions were superb with visiting skipper Max Fricke slashing half-a-second off the previous record, which had stood for nearly nine years, in Heat 1.

Chapman said: “We had a good crowd and I’m pleased about that.

“It’s not been plain sailing since we took over here but I really believe we have a great club.

“The track was brilliant, not only did Max Fricke smash the track record we had others who went close to it!

“We were one rider short of beating Belle Vue. That’s all.

“I would like to pass on my thanks to the Peterborough fans, the riders, sponsors and all the staff. I congratulate Belle Vue on their win, but I believe Peterborough Speedway has an exciting future.”

Panthers visit Belle Vue and Wolverhampton in their next two matches before welcoming Wolves to the East of England Arena on Thursday April 11.

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