Friday May 28, 2010
THE record books will show that Peterborough went down to their heaviest defeat of the season – and it was a long-drawn out torture!

The meeting itself didn’t start until shortly before nine o’clock after the start was delayed because of a grid locking road accident virtually outside the Purfleet stadium.

And three home maximums in each of the last heats turned what was a decent looking performance into a big loss.

But at least there were bright spots in a performance that kept the Hammers in second place in the table and stretched the Panthers’ winless away streak to seven matches.

Tracking three club debutants, on-loan Rory Schlein topped the scores with a battling and impressive 15 points – his best of the season –, which included a Heat 12 six pointer.

Guest Scott Nicholls, standing in for the absent Kenneth Bjerre, racing in the Danish Championship, weighed in with double figures and Krzysztof Buczkowski had his best away meeting since arriving at the East of England Showground.

But the trio had no backing at all and that was the difference between the two sides.

Admitted team boss Trevor Swales: “You will never win matches with such a lop-sided score chart but we were always on a hiding to nothing.

“I can’t think of anywhere worse for anyone to make their debut so you have to feel for our new boys Kamil Brzozowski and Mathieu Tresarrieu who were riding the place for the first time.

“No, correction, they were seeing Arena Essex for the first time!

Brzozowski was given his full quota of rides to help him adjust to one of the tighter British circuits and the Frenchman missed one of his as Buczkowski was given a couple of extra outings.

For both it was a harsh baptism in the top-flight but there were at least sparks of promise with the Pole improving race on race and Tresarrieu being on the pace after conceding ground into the first turn.

First night hero Rory Schlein said: “It’s not an easy place for anyone to come for the first time. I was happy with the way I went – I’m happy now that it’s over and just want to build on it.

“My future is settled and that helps after all the uncertainty in recent weeks.”

Biggest disappointment was Troy Batchelor who will remember his first meeting as captain for all the wrong reasons as he managed just one point, finishing ahead of partner for the night Nicholls in Heat 13.

He had two falls in his four outings and a customary display from him would have made things far, far closer.

LAKESIDE 58 (Lee Richardson 7 (3-R-1-3), Kauko Nieminen 10 (1-3-3-3), Daniel Davidsson 6 (3-1-0-2), Jonas Davidsson 13 (1-3-3-3-3), Adam Shields 12:2 (3-3-2-2:1-2:1), Kevin Doolan [G] 5:3 (1:1-1-1:1-2:1), Stuart Robson 5:2 (2-0-2:1-1:1).

PETERBOROUGH 37 (Scott Nicholls [G] 11 (2-2-4-3-0-0), Kamil Brzozowski 0 (0-0-0-0), Rory Schlein 15 (2-2-2-2-6-1), Troy Batchelor 1 (0-FD-0-1-FD), rider replacement for Niels-Kristian Iversen, Mathieu Tresarrieu 2:2 (0-1:1-1:1), Krzysztof Buczkowski 8:1 (3-2-1-1:1-0-1).

Ht 1: Richardson, Nicholls, Nieminen, Brzozowski, 4-2.
Ht 2: Buczkowski, Robson, Doolan, Tresarrieu, 3-3.
Ht 3: D.Davidsson, Schlein, J.Davidsson, Batchelor, 4-2.
Ht 4: Shields, Schlein, Tresarrieu, Robson, fell, disqualified, 3-3.
Ht 5: J.Davidsson, Nicholls, D.Davidsson, Brzozowski, 4-2.
Ht 6: Nieminen, Buczkowski, Tresarrieu, Richardson, retired, 3-3.
Ht 7: Shields, Schlein, Doolan, Batchelor, fell, disqualified, 4-2.
Ht 8: Nieminen, Robson, Buczkowski, Brzozowski, 5-1.
Ht 9: J.Davidsson, Nicholls (TR), Buczkowski, D.Davidsson, 3-5.
Ht 10: Nieminen, Schlein, Richardson, Batchelor, 4-2.
Ht 11: Nicholls, Shields, Doolan, Brzozowski, 3-3.
Ht 12: Schlein (TR), D.Davidsson, Robson, Buczkowski, 3-6.
Ht 13: Richardson, Shields, Batchelor, Nicholls, 5-1.
Ht 14: J.Davidsson, Doolan, Buczkowski, Batchelor, fell, disqualified, 5-1.
Ht 15: J.Davidsson, Shields, Schlein, Nicholls, 5-1.

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