Wednesday June 22, 2022
PETERBOROUGH Speedway are aware of this week’s reports regarding the proposed redevelopment and regeneration of the East of England Showground site.

Representatives of the club will be pursuing meetings with members of Peterborough City Council and arena operators AEPG as a matter of urgency.

It is important to note that the East of England Showground development is a work in progress as the owners proceed with their application.

We wish to formulate a plan to ensure the speedway team remains an integral part of the growth and redevelopment of Peterborough.

The Panthers, who are the reigning Premiership champions racing at the top level of the sport bringing International stars to the city on a regular basis, are a massive part of the local community.

Indeed, on occasions in the past, supporters have mobilised in order to ensure the sport’s continuation, and there have always been strong links between club ownership and the fans.

We are negotiating a future plan for the next phase of Peterborough Speedway as a community club driven for the people, and the club owners will be leading ongoing discussion with Peterborough City Council for a longer-term solution.

Talks will be taking place in the coming weeks to determine the next phase for the Panthers, with the firm intention of the club continuing in 2023 and beyond.

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