Monday June 06, 2022
PETEBROROUGH’S Premiership meeting at Wolverhampton on Monday was abandoned due to track conditions after one aborted race.

The Midlands had been hit by heavy rain throughout Sunday, with the following 24 hours not producing the best of drying conditions.

After a pre-meeting track inspection the meeting was given the go-ahead, but problems quickly emerged as riders struggled to turn on the first bend of Heat 1.

The race had in fact already been stopped due to movement at the start by Michael Palm Toft, but Wolves youngster Leon Flint still fell, fortunately without injury.

And after further discussions between riders and officials, it was decided to call a halt to proceedings.

Crendon Panthers captain Scott Nicholls said: “They did the best they could to get the track right, we probably shouldn’t have started in the first place but we gave it a go.

“It was just way too grippy, especially down low. The outside was slick but where the water had sat on the inside for a couple of days it was like plasticine, and when we got to the first turn, three of us couldn’t turn.

“It’s frustrating because the fans come to see the racing and from the terraces the track actually looks quite nice, but it was so grippy down low, the first turn would have been chaos all night.

“It was the right call, disappointing but the right call.”

Panthers are back in action at the East of England Arena next Monday (June 13) when they face Sheffield.

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