Sunday June 23, 2019
PETERBOROUGH co-promoter Carl Johnson praised the Panthers’ staff and volunteers after they hosted the Championship Fours on Sunday.

The event at the East of England Arena attracted a bumper crowd and was eventually won by Somerset – who were led by former Panther Chris Harris.
While the Panthers’ boss was also impressed that all 34 heats, an interval and track grading were completed inside four hours.
Johnson said: “There was some fantastic racing and we’re proud to put a meeting on like this, it has been such a good day. It was a lot of hard work, but I think in the end it was all worth it.
“It wasn’t just about today, but it is also the build up to it with everyone that’s been involved preparing the stadium for this event. There is obviously a lot of things that go on behind the scenes.
“We have been building up to this for the last couple of weeks, and there is a lot of people who have put the work in outside speedway hours, it is them who should take the credit for what we have done today!
“The track was brilliant again; like it has been all season so, we have got no problems with that which is fantastic. We got the meeting done inside four hours starting at 2 o’clock and finishing at 6 o’clock which is brilliant.
“I get on really well with Garry May at Somerset and if anybody was to take the title off us then obviously, I would have liked it to have been Garry. The Rebels rode well all day and it is brilliant for them.
“To finish it off with a race-off for second between Danny King and Craig Cook – they aren’t going to give an inch, they’re going to race to the line and that’s what it was! Unfortunately, Craig came off on the fourth turn which was disappointing for him, but for the crowd it was a fantastic meeting.”


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