Thursday June 06, 2019
PETERBOROUGH went down 49-41 after a brave performance at high flying Ipwich on Thursday night:

Scott Nicholls top scored with 13+1 on his former home track and admitted he was disappointed.
Hans Andersen is out and there is no doubt he was a big miss.
Said Nicholls: “We missed Hans. He’s a quality rider around here but I’m not saying he would have won the meeting for us.
“It’s just a little frustrating when you stay so close throughout the meeting and yet we have come away with nothing.
“All we can do is look foreword to the next one!”
It was a bad start for the Crendon Panthers when conceding a 5-1 in the opening heat.
They bounced back superbly in the next with Aaron Summers and Bradley Wilson-Dean romping to a 5-1 to level the scores.
Wilson-Dean fell in Heat 4 but Rohan Tungate managed to pass Danny King for the win to keep the scores level.
The Richard Lawson and King combination came up trumps again with another maximum heat advantage for the home side in heat 6.
Back-to-back 4-2 wins in heats 7 and 8 extended the Witches lead to eight points. 28-20 Panthers then responded with successive heat advantages in heats 9 and 10..
Tactical sub Nicholls came up trumps for the visitors in Heat 10.
Cameron Heeps secured his second win of the night in Heat 11 with Nicholls second and David Bellego grabbed third after Charles Wright got out of shape on the back straight.
The Witches extended their lead to eight points with a 5-1 in heat 13.
Back-to-back shared heats secured the Witches the win.
IPSWICH: 49 Cameron Heeps 13+2, Richard Lawson 11+1, Danny King 11+1, Chris Harris 8+1, David Bellego 5, Coty Garcia 1, Matt Marson DNR, Krystian Pieszczek R/R.
PETERBOROUGH: 41 Scott Nicholls 13+1, Rohan Tungate 8+1, Aaron Summers 7+1, Charles Wright 6+1, Bradley Wilson-Dean 5+1, Kyle Newman 2+1, Hans Andersen R/R.

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