Thursday November 29, 2018
PETERBOROUGH co-promoter Ged Rathbone has confirmed the club are active behind the scenes as they prepare to step into the Premiership.

Panthers will be racing in the top flight next season for the first time since 2013, and work is ongoing to secure the rider line-up and also make several other arrangements for the big new challenge ahead.

Rathbone said: “I fully understand there’s been a delay since the outcome of the AGM with very little information, and people are desperate to hear what we’ve got planned.

“All I would say at the moment is please bear with us, and just because you haven’t heard anything yet it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

“Myself and Neil (Watson – co-promoter) have both been busy on numerous matters regarding the club over the last couple of weeks, talking to riders, potential sponsors, and all aspects of the business.

“As far as the team is concerned we are delighted with how things are progressing. It’s taken a little longer than usual because the contracts are slightly more complicated at the top level, but we’re sure we will be very competitive.

“We have six riders who have agreed to ride for us, and we are just awaiting confirmation on the seventh. Only when we have all seven in place will we begin announcing names, as if you start making things public before contracts are signed, that’s when you can hit problems.

“What we will have is a team which continues the tradition of what we’ve tried to instil at the club over the last four years – we want a team which is big on supporter interaction, and that’s been at the forefront of our thoughts.

“I’m sure some of the ‘experts’ will delight in ripping it apart before we start, but we are very confident that we can put in a serious challenge for the play-offs, and all of us are looking forward to testing ourselves at the higher level.

“We know it’s important that we step up in other areas too, and we want to further improve the whole race-night experience for everyone next year.

“We’re also in talks over the position of team manager, and that’s another issue which should hopefully be resolved over the coming days.

“So it’s just a message to thank everyone for their patience and to please sit tight for a little longer, and we will have some announcements to make in the near future, and also get season tickets on sale.”

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