Thursday September 27, 2018
PETERBOROUGH owner Ged Rathbone is also calling on the fans to all be part of the big push for silverware - which continues on three fronts over the coming weeks.

The weekend Championship Shield semi-final clashes against Lakeside, with the home leg on Sunday at 5pm, are followed up by the league play-offs on the weekend of October 6/7.

And Panthers hold a 14-point lead at the halfway stage of their KO Cup quarter-final with the Hammers, courtesy of an excellent team performance last Sunday, a margin they defend at Hoddesdon this Saturday.

Rathbone said: “It was a little frustrating last weekend in that we had a really good win, but that it was in front of our lowest crowd of the season, and one that won’t pay for the home and away matches.

“I do appreciate it was a cold night with a 7pm start and the forecast wasn’t brilliant earlier in the weekend, but these are the meetings that make the difference to Peterborough Speedway financially.

“We’ve just finished top of the league and are going into the play-offs, we’re in the KO Cup quarter-finals and we’ve got the semi-finals of the Championship Shield to come as well.

“I totally understand we’re racing the same team in those competitions at this stage, but all we can do is put on the best performances we can and also get the meetings over as quickly as possible, as we showed on Sunday. We don’t have silly delays or unwanted track work.

“The lads have worked so hard to get where we are, and we can’t do any more on-track than what we’re doing. There’s no given right that we’re going to win any of the competitions, but at the moment we’re on the verge of doing something special.

“I keep saying I’m just a normal person with a normal job, the club has to pay for itself, and we work to our budget.

“When teams win home and away, your spend does go up, and that’s been the case for us this season. Other teams win at home but get hammered away, but we haven’t done that, we have the best away record in the league!

“So it’s a massive plea from me and my management team – we are here, we are in big competitions, please back the club at this crucial time.

“Bring your blankets or whatever, but your support does make a big difference, both to the riders on-track and to the club for our future.”

Panthers can confirm their line-ups for this weekend, which will feature rider-replacement for Bradley Wilson-Dean who has his shoulder operation on Thursday.

At Hoddesdon on Saturday, Ben Barker will guest for Scott Nicholls and James Sarjeant – who impressed in the recent away league victory against the same opponents – replaces Tom Bacon.

For the home match, Barker again takes the No.1 berth, with Carl Wilkinson taking over at reserve.

Riders are not permitted to guest at the same venue within an 8-day period, except in the case where they are replacing the home team’s No.1 – hence Barker continuing in that position.

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