Wednesday August 01, 2018
LINE-UPS have been declared for the big Championship clash between the T.Balfe Construction Panthers and Ipswich on Sunday (5pm).

As previously announced, Panthers will bring in Ben Barker to guest for the injured Ulrich Ostergaard, and they will otherwise be at full strength.

Skipper Simon Lambert remains in the top five under the new averages, with his August figure just above Emil Grondal - whilst Tom Bacon is now over the four-point mark for the first time in his career.

Ipswich have made changes since their last visit to the East of England Arena with Mark Riss, Coty Garcia and David Wallinger all included in the Witches' team.

Skipper Danny King remains on the sidelines with an arm injury, and the Foxhall club have booked Adam Ellis, who has made several impressive Alwalton appearances this season, to guest.

Ipswich are still in the play-off battle themselves and face important home and away clashes with second-placed Lakeside on Thursday and Friday before heading to Peterborough.

Scott Nicholls
Simon Lambert
Bradley Wilson-Dean
Michael Palm Toft
Ben Barker
Emil Grondal
Tom Bacon

Rory Schlein
Cameron Heeps
Nico Covatti
Mark Riss
Adam Ellis
David Wallinger
Coty Garcia

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