Friday July 06, 2018
PETERBOROUGH are pleased to confirm THIS FRIDAY'S (July 13) Championship fixture against Scunthorpe definitely goes ahead.

There has been confusion over the status of various Friday fixtures in the league, but the visit of the Scorpions to the East of England Arena was never called off.

The meeting takes place at the start of a massive weekend for the table-topping T.Balfe Construction Panthers, who also stage a double header on Sunday July 15 against Lakeside (in the KO Cup) and Sheffield.

Promoter Ged Rathbone said: “We were requested by the BSPA to look into not racing on any future Fridays, and we desperately tried to get some new Sunday dates at the East of England Arena.

“However, having spoken to the stadium there were none available, so although we’ve tried to do everything possible to help the BSPA we’re unable to change.

“So the meeting next Friday will definitely take place, and we’ve had an e-mail from the SCB (Speedway Control Bureau) confirming it is definitely on.

“I must stress that although we know it had been removed from the fixture list, the meeting was never postponed, and it should be shown once again in the BSPA fixture list very shortly.

“I wanted to clarify this for everyone as soon as possible, and we’ve actually had some enquiries from people down south who must be coming up to make a weekend of it, so I’m pleased to confirm to everyone that it’s definitely on.”

Panthers are aware of the date clash between their Sunday double-header and the football World Cup Final, but the meeting does need to go ahead due to stadium availability.

However, they will closely monitor the progression of the tournament, and will be prepared to adjust their start-time (currently 5pm) should England be involved in the Final which gets underway at 4pm.

Rathbone added: “Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t be running on that date, but it is simply a case of there being no alternatives and also it was the only time Sheffield could come.

“We need to get the fixture raced to make sure we get everything in before the cut-off, plus we have to get the KO Cup competition progressed.

“We will look at the situation over the next few days, especially if England reach the Final. We know we’d need to avoid a cross-over between the events if that’s the case.

“Obviously running a double-header with no crowd would be financial suicide for the club so we will do all we can to react to the situation, and I urge everyone to come along and back the team as we’re enjoying such a fantastic season.”

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