Wednesday April 18, 2018
PETERBOROUGH bosses have stressed they will run next Tuesday’s Championship Shield clash with Ipswich in a timely fashion.

The re-arranged meeting on April 24 gets underway at 8pm in a bid to make it easier for travelling supporters, or locals who work into the early evening, to attend.

Promoter Ged Rathbone says the club have taken the only realistic date possible to stage the meeting, which could be a crucial encounter for semi-final qualification.

He said: “Obviously under normal circumstances running a Tuesday night meeting against Ipswich, who give us some of our biggest crowds of the season, is not ideal.

“However, it’s a decision we’ve had to take for the good of the sport, with the need to progress the competition and with us not having any other spare home dates until much later in the season.

“We went for 8pm so that it hopefully isn’t a major rush after work for our own supporters, and also to assist Ipswich fans to get here.

“What I can assure people is that barring any unforeseen problems, we will be running a quick meeting, exactly as we have done in our first two home matches so far. None of us want it finishing too late.

“It’s going to be an important meeting either way, and clearly the ideal scenario is that we go into it needing a win to book our place in the semi-finals.

“But even if that isn’t the case, if Lakeside get a result at Ipswich on Saturday, it will still be one we need to win to put us in a good position for being the best runners-up amongst the three groups, as they also qualify for the semis.”

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