Thursday October 26, 2017
PETERBOROUGH number one Jack Holder has been ruled out of another major meeting by illness.

Holder has given up his place as reserve in the Australian SGP this weekend after being laid low by tonsillitis. It has now gone to Brady Kurtz.

Holder has missed both legs of the SGB Championship KO Cup Final for the 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers against Ipswich for the same reason. He also sat out their semi-final, second leg victory against Glasgow last week.

Holder said: "I've been sick for a few days so I went home to try to get better in time for the GP, but I'm still too sick to ride in it.

"There's no way I can race and Brady has to take my place.

"I'm sorry to be missing big meetings at the end of the season."

Peterborough have drafted Ben Barker in to guest for Holder in the KO Cup decider tonight.

They take a 47-43 lead to Ipswich for the second leg.

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