Friday October 06, 2017
PETERBOROUGH collected a sixth successive SGB Championship victory on a night of drama.

The ‘T Balfe Construction’ Panthers were 50-43 winners against Workington at the East of England Arena – a third triumph against the Comets in less than a month.

Chris Harris top-scored with a dozen points while skipper Ulrich Ostergaard only saw his hopes of a paid maximum end when bringing up the rear in the finale.

There was also a double-figures haul from Simon Lambert which included victories in the opening two races of the night, while fellow reserve Tom Bacon was thankfully able to walk away from a heavy first-bend spill in heat seven that led to a lengthy repair operation to the air fence.

Lambert proved to be a super substitute for Jack Holder in heat one after the Australian ace was excluded for going into the tapes.

He then produced another success in a re-run reserves’ battle moments later – the first two of four Peterborough 4-2s in the opening five races.

That run of results put them on top and their grip on the contest was further strengthened when Holder and Bradley Wilson-Dean eased to a 5-1 in heat six after visiting rider Ty Proctor went off a 15-metre handicap following a tapes offence.

Proctor proved to be a key figure as he made the most of Workington’s tactical ride in heat eight to inspire a 7-2 that reduced his side’s arrears to just seven points.

But the gap quickly increased again when Proctor was excluded from the following race for entering the centre green on his way to the start.

It was a decision which prompted the Workington man to head up to the referee’s box where he pleaded his case in a calm but unsuccessful way.

A 5-1 from Paul Starke and Ostergaard predictably followed in the re-run, but a couple of 4-2s from Workington kept them in contention.

Peterborough had to wait until the penultimate race to seal victory when Ostergaard swept to the front with Lambert taking third spot.
That left the visitors in need of a 5-1 in the finale to snatch a league point, but Harris followed in Craig Cook, who completed a hat-trick of heat wins, to restrict them to a 4-2.

“The fans came out to support us and the riders picked up another win for them,” said Rathbone.

“It was a meeting that had a bit of everything in it - including some very good racing.

“Both teams deserve a lot of credit for putting on a show in what many might class as a pointless meeting – but that’s not a view we take.

“We want to win every heat of every fixture and we’re all delighted with the winning run. It sets us up nicely for the KO Cup semi-final.”

Peterborough await the winners of a quarter-final between Glasgow and Newcastle, which got underway last night, in that competition.

The Scottish side triumphed 46-44 when hosting the opening leg ahead of a Monday return.

Panthers’ home leg of the semi-final will take place on either October 13 or October 15 – depending on which set of opponents they meet.


PETERBOROUGH: Chris Harris 12, Ulrich Ostergaard 11+1, Simon Lambert 10+1, Jack Holder 6+1, Paul Starke 6, Bradley Wilson-Dean 3+1, Tom Bacon 2.

WORKINGTON: Craig Cook 13, Ty Proctor 11, Mason Campton 7+1, Matt Williamson 6+1, James Sarjeant 6, Tom Woolley (guest) 0, Rider replacement for Thomas Jorgensen.

1 - re-run Lambert (60.7), Cook, Wilson-Dean, Sarjeant. 4-2, 4-2.
2 - re-run Lambert (60.6), Sarjeant, Bacon, Woolley. 4-2, 8-4.
3 - Ostergaard (60.8), Williamson, Campton, Starke. 3-3, 11-7.
4 - re-run Harris (60.1), Proctor, Bacon, Woolley. 4-2, 15-9.
5 - Ostergaard (60.3), Cook, Starke, Campton. 4-2, 19-11.
6 - re-run Holder (61.6), Wilson-Dean, Proctor (15m), Woolley. 5-1, 24-12.
7 - re-run Harris (60.1), Campton, Williamson, Bacon. 3-3, 27-15.
8 - Proctor (t/r, 62.2), Lambert, Sarjeant, Wilson-Dean. 2-7, 29-22.
9 - re-run Starke (62.1), Ostergaard, Proctor (15m), Sarjeant. 5-1, 34-23.
10 -re-run Williamson (62.6), Holder, Campton, Wilson-Dean. 2-4, 36-27.
11 - Cook (62.2), Harris, Lambert, Williamson. 3-3, 39-30.
12 - Campton (62.5), Starke, Sarjeant, Bacon. 2-4, 41-34.
13 - Cook (61.8), Harris, Holder, Proctor. 3-3, 44-37.
14 - re-run Ostergaard (62.7), Sarjeant, Lambert, Williamson. 4-2, 48-39.
15 - Cook (awarded), Harris, Proctor, Ostergaard. 2-4, 50-43.

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