Sunday May 27, 2012
After an away win at Ipswich the previous week the Thundercats went down by 4 points in a very keenly fought AJL meeting at Rye House on Saturday night.

The Thundercats were on the back foot from Heat 1 when the Pocket Rockets raced to a 5-1 and were then very unlucky when debutant Conor Dwyer shed a chain on the first corner of Heat 2. Fortunately a great ride and win from Adam Kirby meant the heat was shared.

Heat 3 was a other 5-1 to the home side as Kirby suffered from arm pump in his back to back heat. Dwyer then showed his potential by winning Heat 4 with Adam Portwood third and then Kirby and Simon Pearce made sure Danno Verge was kept at the back as Niall Strudwick claimed a paid max for the Pocket Rockets in Heat 5.

Dwyer then completed another win in Heat 6 with again Portwood third leaving the final score Pocket Rockets 20 Peterborough Thundercats 16.

After the meeting Thundercats Team Manager Neil "Nikko" Day was left to wonder what might have been especially with the events in Heat 2.

"I was really pleased with the lads effort especially after suffering a 5-1 against them in Heat 1 and Conors unfortunate problem in Heat 2 when his shed a chain. He was gutted when he got back to the pits but with help from Pete Seaton they were able to sort out the problem and he was fantastic after that with two wins. He will be a great addition to the squad.

"Adam Portwood had a difficult night but never stopped trying on a track he certainty doesn't like but we spoke about it during and after the meeting and I know he will score more points next time. Adam Kirby looked great again in his heat win abut we do need to look at the arm pump problem he suffered from when racing back to back heats.

"Finally, yet again Simon was consistent and did everything I asked of him by scoring in every heat. We just fell a little short."

Pocket Rockets 20
Niall Strudwick 7+2
Danno Verge 3
Joe Graver 6
Joe Exley 4 +1

Peterborough Thundercats 16
Adam Portwood 2
Simon Pearce 3+1
Adam Kirby 5
Conor Dwyer 6

The Thundercats next meeting is at home to the Kings Lynn Lightning on Thursday.

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