Monday May 23, 2011
Guest rider Lee Richardson and captain-for-the-night Troy Batchelor failed to repeat their heat 13 heroics in the last race as the Readypower Panthers left Sussex pointless.

Lakeside star Richardson, guesting in place of the injured Nicki Pedersen, and Batchelor amassed 26 of the Panthers' 41 points, notably teaming up for a brilliant 8-1 in heat 13.

The home side showed every bit of their local knowledge as they accrued seven maximum heat advantages, whilst the inexperience of the Panthers side showed as they struggled to get to grips with the tight Arlington circuit.

The Panthers failed to recover from a slow start as they were left chasing the meeting from Heat one, where the home side secured a 5-1. That was followed up by another one for the Eagles in Heat three, meaning the Alwalton men were already eight points down.

Former British Champion Richardson gave the away team hope when he raced to a double points victory in heat 11, but a setback in the following race meant that Troy Batchelor was given the black and white helmet colour in heat 13.

Both he and Richardson used every bit of their experience as the Aussie held off a strong challenge from the home pairing before passing Richardson on the run to the line, the Lakeside man slowing to let his team-mate past.

Two 5-1's in the final two heats from the home side dashed any hopes the Showground men had of gaining a bonus point, leaving them wondering what might have been on a different night.

Batchelor, who continued his excellent start to the season with 13 points, said: "It was probably quite a good match for TV but obviously we're disappointed not to get anything from it.

"It was strange because one minute we were in it, then out of it, then back in it. We shouldn't have left it until heat 15 to get a result, it was a big ask.

“That is where our home track advantage comes in, in the last heats we are always strong at home, but we just couldn't do it tonight."

The Panthers now host Birmingham on Thursday and Batchelor believes that they need to make the most of home track advantage: "We need to smash teams at home and make sure we're getting three points at every meeting, that's something we can do.

"Look at Eastbourne, they have huge home track advantage and they make sure they get the points. You have a guy like Lewis Bridger who can only ride this track and you take him anywhere else and he's nothing special, its just home track advantage. We have to start making the most of that."

EASTBOURNE 55: Cameron Woodward 14+1, Lewis Bridger 11+1, Bjarne Pedersen 9+1, Joonas Kylmakorpi 8, Lukas Dryml 7+2, Simon Gustafsson 6+2, Timo Lahti 0.

PETERBOROUGH 41: Lee Richardson 13+1, Troy Batchelor 13, Krzysztof Buczkowski 5, Linus Sundstrom 4+1, Norbert Kosciuch 3+1, Dakota North 3+1, Kacper Gomolski 0.

REPORT: Josh Gudgeon.

Heat by Heat
Heat 1: Pedersen, Dryml, Richardson, Sundström, 5-1.
Heat 2: Woodward, North, Kosciuch, Lahti, 3-3.
Heat 3: Bridger,h Gustafsson, Buczkowski, Gomolski, 5-1.
Heat 4: Kylmakorpi, Batchelor, North, Lahti, 3-3.
Heat 5: Richardon, Sundström, Gustafsson, Bridger, 1-5.
Heat 6: Batchelor, Woodward, Kosciuch, Dryml fell, 2-4.
Heat 7: Kylmakorpi, Buczkowski, Woodward, Gomolski fell, 4-2.
Heat 8: Woodward, Dryml, Sundström, North, 5-1.
Heat 9: Bridger, Batchelor, Gustafsson, Kosciuch, 4-2.
Heat 10: Dryml, Pedersen, Buczkowski, Gomolski, 5-1.
Heat 11: Richardson*, Kylmakorpi, Sundström, Lahti fell, 2-7.
Heat 12: Woodward, Gustafsson, Kosciuch, North, 5-1.
Heat 13: Batchelor*, Richardson, Pedersen, Kylmakorpi, 1-8.
Heat 14: Bridger, Woodward, Buczkowski, North, 5-1.
Heat 15: Pedersen, Bridger, Richardson, Batchelor, 5-1.

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